Mercedes Vito prop shaft Wolverhampton

If you are looking for a prop shaft, look no further than Des Shelley Shafts. This company supply components for many makes and models of vehicles, including a Mercedes Vito prop shaft. Wolverhampton’s Des Shelley Shafts supply reasonably priced Mercedes Vito prop shafts. Wolverhampton Mercedes Vito vehicle owners can enjoy having this excellent company supply their prop shafts.

What is a prop shaft?

A prop shaft is a component that transfers power from the gearbox to the rear axle. The car is given power through this vital element. It is used in cars, but it is also used in aeroplanes and boats. A prop shaft is a hollow tube with a combination of slip spline joints. The prop shaft transmits the power from the engine at the front to the back of the vehicle.

A prop shaft has three elements. It has universal joints, slip spline joints and tubular shafts. The universal joints allow the prop shaft to rotate at various angles. It compensates for the difference of height between the gearbox and the deferential because of its flexibility as a joint. The slip spline joints transmit the torque at various intervals throughout the prop shaft. It is also used to protect the shaft when compressed and with tensile stress. The tubular shafts navigate the distance between the gearbox and rear axle. Sometimes, two tubular shafts are used. With rear wheel drives, a long tubular shaft is used, with front wheel drive, a shorter tubular shaft is beneficial.

Prop shafts are used because they provide many benefits. One of the main things is that with a prop shaft, low to no power is lost. All the energy that is created is not wasted. In a world that is looking for efficiency, this provides it. A prop shaft is light in weight due to the hollow tubes that are used in the structure. Therefore, it is not creating much extra weight for the car to carry which results in wasted energy. The construction of prop shafts is another advantage. It is not complicated to construct. This saves time. Prop shafts are safe and reliable. Transmitting power throughout is effective. There is no noise even at high speed. Plus, prop shafts are known to be reliable.

Some Mercedes Vito owners in Wolverhampton use their car for work purposes, some use it for the family and others use it for both. This is the beauty of the Mercedes Vito. It is versatile. Therefore, it is likely used in many different aspects of your life so when something goes wrong with your vehicle, it can impact your day quite dramatically. Having a company like Des Shelley Shafts on your doorstep means that you can have your vehicle back to normal in no time.

You will know if your prop shaft needs repairing because you may hear a clanging sound when you set off and when travelling at high speeds, your vehicle may begin to vibrate. For your Mercedes Vito prop shaft, choose Des Shelley Shafts.