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For all your car and commercial prop shaft requirements.

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Located in Wolverhampton since 1985 we specialise in the manufacture, modification and repair of
car and commercial prop shafts, agricultural and power take-off prop shafts
We also supply new prop shafts
Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes Vito
Nissan Navara D40
Porsche Cayenne
VW Touareg
Renault Megane RX4, Kangoo Trekka
Kia Sorento Front and Rear Propshafts
Fiat Panda 4X4
BMW X3 X4 X5 and X6 front prop shafts.
PTO Propshafts
Stump Grinder Propshafts
BENZI & DI TERLIZZI PTO prop shaft parts
We also offer a reconditioning service for brake callipers, steering racks and pumps.
We stock and can supply various car parts, brake discs, pads, suspension parts etc